This week

Woken by real estate agent ringing boyfriend to ask if we’re interested in a property. After three weeks of searching this is the first time an agent has contacted us. Half an hour later another agent rings to ask if we’re interested in a property we didn’t even apply for. Promising. 
Spend the day writing job applications/being stressed/waiting for the phone to ring.
After lunch a camp and slightly abrupt agent rings and offers us a lease. Spend an hour making phone calls to other agents, boyfriend and mother. Eventually arrange to see the property again before we make a decision. Then we’re offered another property. Arrange to see that one too. Spend a while being overwhelmed that we now have to choose between two places after three weeks of choosing between zero places.
Get up early. Spend a long time on the train. Go to both properties and spend a lot of time measuring the size of the rooms and looking in cupboards. Decide that one flat is pretty clearly better than the other. Inform real estate agent that we’d like to live in said flat. Property manager isn’t in the office because she is never in the office but someone says she will call us back.
Spend the whole afternoon feeling as though maybe the real estate will ring up and explain that offering us the lease was actually a joke all along and LOL we’re definitely still homeless after all.
Real estate eventually calls and we arrange to sign the lease in the morning. Spend a lot of time on a train.
Withdraw terrifying amounts of money in order to pay bond and rent. Spend entire trip to real estate being incredibly paranoid that someone will mug us.
Arrive at real estate. Do not get mugged. Sign my name a million times. Am given an enormous bunch of keys.
Spend the afternoon doing programming for the Emerging Writers Festival, AKA staring at a computer and wringing ideas out of my brain. EWF is going to be pretty fun and you should probably come?
Crash/are invited to Express Media’s work drinks. Argue about duck sized horses vs. horse sized ducks. Drink some wine.
Have dumplings for Adventures in TV-Land’s fourth birthday. Drink champagne and talk to a lot of nice people who I like. Coincidentally both Rosie (Canberra) and Kalinda (Newcastle) are in town for dumplings. This is nice.
Eat strange Chinese desert. Remember that we’re moving house in the morning.
Collect belongings and return them all to boxes/bags/etc. Get in car and drive the very long way from Bonbeach to Thornbury. Carry worldly possessions up a flight of stairs. Stack boxes haphazardly in flat.
Rest for approximately zero minutes before going to buy a bed.
Preston Homemaker Centre is huge. We go to a lot of furniture shops. We lie on a lot of mattresses. Buy a bed. Arrange to have bed delivered on Saturday.
At Kmart we purchase a temporary bed AKA blow-up mattress. Also two plates and some forks so that we can eat. While buying dinner, explain to the check-out lady that the reason we are buying pre-made mash potato is because we just moved house and don’t have a fridge/literally anything. Check-out lady is not interested.
Go to place that sells seconds hand white-goods and look at fridges. Go to different place that sells second hand white-goods and look at fridges. Realise we know nothing about what to look for when buying a fridge. Decide our criteria is “not tiny freezer” and “will fit in kitchen”. Buy a fridge. Arrange to have it delivered.
Boyfriend goes to Lifted Brow office where he is the fancy editor of a fancy thing. I, meanwhile, go and have tea in a café because we still don’t have a fridge so I haven’t had tea for over 24 hours.
Discover Italian supermarket. Spend a lot of time wandering up and down the aisles in jubilant awe.
Go home and unpack boxes. Run out of coat hangers. Go to Kmart to buy more coat hangers. Walk home from Kmart because the tram is full of gross school children.
Make pasta for dinner. Demand Sian and Murray come over because cooking for two people is not one of my skills.
Wake up early to clean flat so that bed can be delivered. Bed is delivered. Attempt to construct bed before realising we need a screwdriver. Decide to go to IKEA (they sell screwdrivers).
Wander aimlessly through IKEA labyrinth. Pick some bookcases. Stop halfway to eat lunch and contemplate the terrifying efficiency of IKEA. However, IKEA meatballs turn out to basically taste like regular meatballs which slightly disappointing. Continue through maze of homewares/furniture. Almost forget to buy a screwdriver. Eventually emerge into warehouse and discover that our bookcase comes in the world’s largest box. Boyfriend goes to measure his tiny car, decides that maybe we can fit the giant box in it? Utilise free soft drink refills three times while waiting in check-out queue.
Spend rest of the day constructing the bed. This turns out to be very difficult and also require several extra people and a much better screwdriver.
Go to White Night. Play Capture the Flag in a park, walk through a very large crowd and then spend several hours at Book of the Night handing out EWF pamphlets and directing people to the toilets. Return home and sleep like exhausted people.
Wake up too early because the fridge is being delivered. Discover fridge isn’t going to be delivered until the evening. Despair at ongoing lack of fridge. 
Construct giant IKEA bookcase. Take a break and realise it’s already 3pm because apparently our entire life is constructing furniture now. Fridge continues to not be delivered.
Finish constructing bookcase. Put books and DVDs and CDs on bookcase. Separate Doctor Who DVDs from other DVDs because we have so many that they need their own section.
Suddenly get extremely tired and start stomping around the flat like an over-stimulated toddler. Complain about how fridge still hasn’t arrived.
Fridge arrives! Get very excited about fridge. Go to shops and buy milk for tea.
Eat oversized chicken nuggets while sitting on the blow-up mattress (AKA our couch), watching New Girl with borrowed wi-fi.

Fall asleep knowing, for the first time all week, that we don’t have to set an alarm for the morning. 

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