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National Young Writers Festival 2011

The National Young Writers Festival is on this week. I am excited about this.
Just thought I should mention that in case there are a couple of people in northern Africa who haven’t heard yet.
I’m an official blogger for the festival again this year, so prepare yourself for a barrage of rapidly composed festival blogs, written on the hop and uploaded using whatever wifi is available! If you aren’t really interested you might want to pop out for a bit. Come back sometime around the 9th of October and see how we’re doing then.
For everyone else- the program, as per usual, is seriously jam-packed with awesome. No idea where to start? Never fear. Alex is here to help.
The blurb for this event doesn’t tell you a lot. You could easily skip over it. DON’T. Look at the people on this panel. It’s like they’ve taken a bunch of the best guests, shoved them in a room and said ‘go for your life’. This will be extremely entertaining. Take my word for it.
I’ve always thought there should be one or two things The Internet doesn’t know about me. Like my love life. But rules are made for breaking right? With that in mind I appear to have agreed to participate in a Dating Game Show. It’ll be something like Perfect Match but with more references to classic literature. Let’s be honest, I’ve got no idea what to expect. Except hilarity. I think that’s pretty much guaranteed.
I know too much about a number of things. These things include (but are not limited to) pirates, the work of Douglas Adams, Matt Smith’s socks and Australian television. My dedication to Australian television is probably the most productive. It might actually get me employed one day. It is therefore very much in my interest to help save it. 
Apart from the amazing Lawrence Leung and Dominic Knight, this panel also features Genevieve Fricker. I saw her play at the comedy store early in the year in a showcase where the headline was Dead Cat Bounce. I will try and keep my fan-girling to a minimum.
I bought the finishing touches for my ball costume yesterday. Said touches are a whip and a pair of black pants. You’re intrigued now aren’t you? I have a feeling that the costumes this year will be top notch. So throw something together, come along and dance ‘til dawn. Or closing time. Which ever comes first.
I almost didn’t go to the inaugural Spelling Bee in 2009 because, well I hate spelling. Spelling is not a good way to spend an evening. How very wrong I was. Who knew you could get emotional involved in five syllable words? With any luck we might even get to play cheese or font (or a variation thereof). It’s the best pub game ever.
See also-
Artist Meet and Greet– a place to meet new friends and squeal at old ones.
All Voiceworks Workshops– no one runs a workshop like the EdComm.
Zine Fair– Spend all the money! All the money? ALL THE MONEY!
Show us ya…early work– Still around on Monday? I’m hosting a thing.
The rest of the program– yeah. Just all of it.

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