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Dear July,

Good things we saw at the Cairns show:
  • A cattle auction, by accident within minutes of arriving.
  • Some very good goats.
  • Some very good chickens.
  • Spangled hamburg chickens that reminded me so much of Delta Dawn – a chicken we had growing up who was maybe the best chicken of all time.
  • A great champion turkey and the reserve champion turkey (there was only two turkeys). The grand champion turkey was extremely ready to fight us so we spent a lot of time taking photos of it.
  • A terrifying steam powered shower with a horrifying mannequin head in it.
  • A snake that had crawled a very long way into the roof of the snake tent and was going to be very difficult to get down.
  • A “three billy goats gruff” display in which the troll under the bridge was a stuffed Hulk costume with a Shrek mask on it.
  • A lot of championship cake judgingdecisions that we disagreed with.
  • Several heats of the national pole climbing championship.
  • A wood cutting competition that we have no idea who won because at no point did they announce the winner of the wood cutting competition.
  • Floral displays on topics including “solitary confinement” and “liberation”.
  • A variety of novelty scarecrows.
  • A huge number of people selling fidget spinners.

Alex x

I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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