Dear July,
I still get a thrill out of coming home to my boyfriend. While I’m at work we send each other links to things we’ll watch together, articles to talk about, saving them up. I text him when I’m almost home so he can put the jug on and I’ll open to the door to him looking up from making tea. This evening he made me dinner and we talked. I tend to ramble my opinions out all at once (especially to him) working them out as I’m saying them. His thoughts are more calculated, more precise. He’ll listen thoughtfully to my minute-long rants and then reply with taught little sentences. He’s very smart. I love that about him.
I fell asleep curled beside him, listening to the gentle white noise of him typing.
“You should hug me while I fall asleep,” I mumbled, half awake.
“To keep me safe.”
“I’ll always do that,” he replied.

Alex x

I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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