Up and down the stairs

A catalogue of a week in which I somehow managed to do two festivals at once.

Day two of EWF. Tram into town and arrive at Wheeler Centre for first of the “Writers Matter” Forums. Spend a lot of time running up and down the stairs. Contemplate using elevator instead of stairs but decide that would take too long and I am a very busy person without time for elevators. Set up. Greet guests. Forum goes off without a hitch. This is very good because I was nervous and was worried everyone might spontaneously combust or something. Rachel and I are both very tired afterwards and eat a lot of leftover soy snacks and talk in half sentences because our brains are fried. In the end we decide to walk a long way and then listen to people talk about food blogging. Instead of going to more exciting events after that, I go home and eat chicken and watch Master Chef. Sleep.
Spend the day working on my other festival, NYWF. Have the kind of day where you know you did an awful lot of things but can’t really remember what they were. I definitely made some spreadsheets. I am sure there were spreadsheets involved. In the evening, I get on a train to Footscray. Several people tweet me about how great Footscray is while I’m on the train (if you are not from Melbourne, find a person who lives in Footscray and ask them about it. They will talk for some time about Footscray). Have quite a nice time at the Right Now launch. Listen to interesting people talk. Talk to interesting people. Catch train home. Write a blog while on the train. Almost miss my stop because I’m so involved in writing a blog. Go home. Sleep.
Get up really early to help at Screenwriting Masterclass. Arrive. Set-up. ACMI is having their bi-annual fire drill so I represent EWF at said fire drill. Stand outside with ACMI employees and be awkward/freezing until we get the all-clear. Listen to excellent panellists. Eat excellent muffin. Run to Wheeler Centre at midday to manage the second Forum. Run up and down the stairs a lot. Eat several handfuls of soy snacks. Listen to a whole bunch of inspiring women. Head to 1000£ Bend for interstate drinks where there are NYWF PEEPS who I haven’t even met yet. Wonder if it’s weird to love people I haven’t met? Love my NYWF peeps anyway, even if it’s weird. Head to One Night Wonders. Spend a lot of time giving directions to Lex and Sian and Lex’s taxi driver. Listen to some kick ass poetry. Eat Lord of the Fries for dinner beside the river. Go home. Sleep.
Get up too early (again). Attempt to make face look nice. Get quite stressed that today’s face is going to have to represent my face in general. Alan is taking pictures of Team NYWF so we will have nice face pictures for reasons. Meet Sian outside apartments and head into town. Arrive at RMIT. Spend more time giving directions to people via phone. Discover that RMIT photo studios are super fancy. Listen to entirely of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. Everyone is awkward but we bond over our awkward and it is nice. Alan takes (hopefully) good pictures of our faces. We head to the Wheeler Centre and sit in a meeting room together and we TALK and it’s IRL. Have a very, very long and very, very productive meeting in which many parts of NYWF 2014 are worked out. Have dinner together at Vegi Bar and it is delicious and I drink sangria. Head to Amazing Babes via a back alley. We find out later the street is blocked because of an alleged bomb. Luckily there are no explosions. Watch Amazing Babes be amazing and babe-ing. Talk to a lot of equally amazing babes. Laugh until it hurts. Get rained on. Go home. Sleep.
Arrive at Town Hall for National Writers Conference. Spent a lot of time running up and down the numerous flights of marble steps. Wonder how much my legs are going to hurt in the morning. Catch handfuls of panels and discussions. Eat sushi. Run up and down stairs some more. Pack up, carry banner back to the Wheeler. Retire to 1000£. Decide to order a tequila and lemonade because it’s been a long day and I’m allowed to buy tequila sometimes even when it is expensive. Discover tequila and lemonade is inexplicably only $5. Buy two more tequilas. Eat dumplings with wonderful people. Take wonderful people to Spring Street Grocer for gelati. Everyone is very impressed with my one piece of local (Melbourne) knowledge aka gelati. Have one last drink before tram. Go home. Sleep.
Sleep until 9am. Go into town and run up and down the stair at the Wheeler Centre aka organise the final Forum. Greet guests. Eat soy snacks. Be inspired. Afterwards, sit in The Moat with Fiona to have “meeting”. End up talking about life and the universe and everything. Quickly progress from coffee to gin and tonic. Head upstairs and listen to fascinating people talk about book design and then head around the corner and listen to lots of cool people ask questions and then head down the road to Night of the Living Novellas. Realise the sum total of my meals for today has been a bowl of sultana bran, several handfuls of soy snacks and some grapes. Buy all the Seizure Viva La Novella winners despite the fact that they are not food/you can’t eat them. Eat a medium McChamp meal for dinner while sitting on the tram at midnight. They call it the McChamp for a reason. Go home. Sleep.
My legs hurt. A lot. Sleep. Buy food. Collect passport which has been at the post office since on Friday. Wash all the dishes (because all the dishes are dirty). Buy cold tablets without any interrogation because boyfriend and I are clearly sick and not drug peddlers. Watch three episodes of Master Chef. Eat roast vegetables and sausages. Sleep. For twelve hours. 

Team NYWF from left to right: Ruth, Dani, Geoff, Rachel, me, Sophie, Lex, Jess, Sian.
Pictures from the NYWF Twitter.

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