Vegan boardgames

Last night we played boardgames and I made food. I’ve been experimenting with vegan. It’s not my natural cooking habitat (I am never going to be a vegan) but I like cooking for people so I am trying to get better at it. Because having people over and making them food are two of my favourite things.

The problem I have with vegan cakes is that I’ve been trying to use my go-to cake recipes and substituting ingredients, rather than going straight for vegan recipes. This has largely gone badly. The main issue is egg replacements because basically everything you can substitute for eggs is nothing at all like eggs. But yesterday I discovered that you can use the liquid from tins of chickpeas instead of eggs and guys it is MAGIC. I eat so many chickpeas! I have an almost endless supply of this magic thing! I made this cake with oil instead of butter, almond milk instead of milk and whipped up chickpea juice (it’s called aquafaba?) added at the end. Then I made chocolate butter cream icing with margarine and it was great. I actually tasted like a cake. (I just took a break from writing to go and get a leftover piece and am eating it now. A+ would recommend.)
One of the other problems with a lot of vegan recipes is that they kind of fail to understand what people want from particular foods. Like if I’m making cheesy pasta, I don’t want to make it out of eggplant. Vegetables are not what I want. I can make vegan pasta out of vegetables; that is easy. What is less easy is making it out of cheese. I decided to go with this recipe for macaroni cheese because I trust Jamie to understand this principle. I discovered that nutritional yeast looks like fish food and vegan cheese looks like soap. The combination of these things actually tasted pretty excellent though? It was cheesy and delicious and people went back for seconds/ate it all. I did not even have time to take a photo before everyone ate it. Success. 
Cooking for people makes me happy. Last night was the first of what will hopefully be many semi-regular boardgame nights. I think I need that. Going out and doing things is nice but I want more staying inside and doing things. I want to make more cakes and pasta bakes for ten. I want to more socialising on my own terms.
Speaking of doing things on my own terms, during my semi-hiatus from blogging (I like calling it a semi-hiatus, it sounds so legit and not just like I had a small crisis) I decided that I don’t really want to promote posts by yelling into the social network void. I’d much rather talk specifically to the people who read this blog. 
So, I’m starting a newsletter. You can subscribe to it here. It’ll go out once a month or once a fortnight (TBC). They’ll be links to posts, other things I’ve written, stuff I’m enjoying and probably just general hello things? Hopefully it will be nice. You should subscribe so I can actually send one and work out what it will look like.

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