Weekends, picnics

I’ve been thinking a lot about weekends. One of my goals for 2016 is to have weekends. Proper ones. Ones that don’t involve a single Skype meeting, where I don’t spend any hours staring at Google docs or despairingly trying to meet a deadline.
It’s hard to have weekends when you’re chronically unemployed or doing a lot of unpaid hours or working too many jobs. I have been at least one of these things consistently since moving to Melbourne. That was almost two years ago. I have pretty much forgotten what a weekend is, let alone how to do one.
So this year, I’m rediscovering weekends.

This weekend I have: slept in, visited friends, played with a dog, been to my favourite food shop, played my favourite board game, cooked, watched TV in bed, eaten avocado on toast in bed, played more board games, read. And today, boyfriend and I went on a picnic.
Picnics are one of those things I have often thought I should do more of. With this in mind, I bought an amazing picnic set at a school fete a couple of years ago, used it to great effect several times and then totally failed to bring it to Victoria with me. When I went home for Christmas I finally decided to bring it back. So I carried it on the plane as hand luggage. I had to gaffer tape the wicker basket shut (and then re-gaffer tape it after they’d tested it for explosives).

I packed it full of things – cheese and dip and fruit and bread and biscuits. We walked up the road to a park that we’ve been eyeing off since we moved. It’s got huge, sprawling pine trees and gently sloping grass. It is green and cool and shady. We spread the picnic rug out, lay on the grass and stayed there.

It’s hot today and I worried that it was maybe unwise to venture outside. But it was much cooler under the trees, with the breeze across our feet, than it is in our house. Somehow the rustle of the trees and the magpies calling seemed loader than the nearby traffic. It was quiet. I read my book and boyfriend wrote. We ate our two course lunch and drank cider from plastic mugs.

Days feel so long when you approach them without hurry. I guess maybe that’s what weekends are about. 

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