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National Young Writers Festival 2010

I’m panicking.

You can tell because my brain keeps screaming Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy quotes at me. This is my subconscious trying to calm me down and prevent me banging my head against walls.

I’m going to The National Young Writers Festival. Tomorrow at 6:30AM I shall get on a train to Newcastle. Well technically I’ll get off at a place called Broadmeadow but I’m told that’s Newcastle in disguise. I’m panicking because I’m quite sure I won’t be ready by then. Besides I’ve been panicking with some enthusiasm for over a week now.

I’ve spent the afternoon in a twitchy, hyperactive state scuttling around the house with a list in one hand and a pen in the other. I’m in the bathroom decanting conditioner into a travel bottle when I jump suddenly and scribble SHOES! on my, rather full, list.

I hate packing. The thing I hate packing most of all is shoes. I always pack a pair of nice shoes because I think I “might need them.” I always spend the whole time wearing my Cons because I happen to be of the opinion that shoes are for walking.

My kitchen table in zine induced chaos

I have spent the last month or so preparing for this. But practical preparation kind of get neglected in favour of preparation for Sunday. That’s when I have a zine stall at the fair. I have devoted Sundays to attacking paper bags with potato stamps, I’ve stayed up late into the night colouring and folding and my skin is coated in a thin layer of ink and glue. But I am ready. Sort of…

You see on Sunday I also have a panel. Smack bang in the middle of the fair. This means that I need someone to mind my stall while I’m out. I had someone but they decided to stay home instead. Also haven’t finished packing my toiletries. (If you are feeling generous and helpful and are willing to help stall wise, shoot me an email. I would be eternally grateful)

Two of my events have been mentioned in the artist’s picks festival high light things. This should make me excited. Currently I find it terrifying. The problem I have with this festival is that I look at the program and find very fascinating things that I would like to see. Then I realise that I have to talk at them. Which kind of takes the fun out of it.

But it doesn’t have to take the fun out of it for you. Come along and watch me debate about televisionlearn about doing stuff for free and talk about comedy while the rest of the panel discusses world politics. Fun fun. I’ll also be blogging for the duration. So, regular blog readers, that means rapid fire blogging for a few days. Don’t get used to it. And welcome to those of you who’ve wandered over because someone at NYWF told you to. I’m Alex, let’s be friends.

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